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One-year warranty applies to Mintel product unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. Accessories have a warranty of six months when buying used in Mintel products. The product warranty remains measured from the date of purchasing.

The following cases do not belong to free repair scope.

  1. Cleaning of product and wear loss under normal circumstances (such as natural loss of casing, inserting components, aging and wear).
  2. Any product failure or damage caused by installation, usage maintenance and storage that are not in accordance with usage instructions.
  3. Alter or tear up barcode on products or warranty card without authorization.
  4. For those beyond change or warranty period.
  5. Product serial number or type on warranty card does not match the product itself.
  6. Without getting the permission of Mintel, change its inherent structure circuit privately, or dismantling or modifying without authorization.
  7. Product damage caused by accident, human abuse/misuse, such as output short circuit, high-voltage input, overload work, high temperature, water inflow, mechanical damage, broken serious oxidation or rusty and etc.
  8. Damage caused by transportation loading and un-loading on the way of return for repair.
  9. Product failure or damages caused by force majeure such as earthquake, fire, flood lightning and so on.
  10. Product failure or damaged caused by any problem other than product design, technology, quality, manufacturing and others.
  11. Accessories are not included in free repair scope.

This regulation shall come into effect since the issuing date.      
Mintel will keep the final interpretation right and revise.

Return Procedure

  1. You can return or replace any product without any fault/ reason with in 7 days after the delivery of your order. The Shipment charges may apply.
  2. The product must be unused and without any flaws. If a product is returned to us in an inadequate condition, defective / damaged or incorrect / incomplete condition, we reserve the right to send it back to you.
  3. The product must include the original tags, user manual, warranty cards, freebies and accessories.
  4. The product must be returned in the original and undamaged manufacturer packaging / box. If the product was delivered in a second layer of Mintel or Courier Company packaging, it must be returned in the same condition. Do not write and put tape or stickers on the manufacturers box.

Note: If you need to return the product, please contact us with your order number and we will guide you how to return the product.

Refund Procedure

  1. If your product is eligible for a refund, you can get back your order amount with in 14 working days.
  2. Shipping fee will not be refunded with the order amount.
  3. We will refund the amount in your bank deposit in your account, Easy paisa and Jazz Cash with in 14 working days.

Note: If you have any questions for refund, please contact us with your order number.

What is a “smart home”?

The term smart home refers to the regular home, which has its appliances, lighting, and electronic devices connected to the internet to enable remote monitoring and management. The homeowner enjoys the convenience of securing, operating, and monitoring their house even from another side of the world. The devices that are connected are lights, security systems, cameras, audio and video systems, televisions, thermostats, and even sprinklers.

What are the benefits of home automation?

The first and foremost reason to buy a home automation system is for comfort and security. The other benefits that the homeowner gets to enjoy are the convenience, remote access, savings, and peace of mind. A few home automation systems have become more accessible and advanced, that the homeowners across the country are upgrading their homes.

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