mintel Office Smart Automation System

mintel Smart Office solution, provides an efficient and managableoffice environment.

Upgrade your office with mintel intelligent office solutions

Turn your office into, a more productive, and organized space.


  • 24-hour remote control and management.
  • Monitor the energy consumption by departments, districts and dates.
  • Automatically adjust the lighting and central A/C as per the environment.
  • Data recording and analysis by the cloud server, provide targeted energy-saving advice for companies.
  • User-friendly management backstage, raise the efficiency.
  • Energy Management System
Experience the best workplace environment with mintel


Our innovative office solution can enhance energy conservation and productivity.

Smart Office with mintel Technology

mintel incorporates modern technology by optimizing the office environment while simultaneously keeping the office space cost-efficient.

Work Smart with Mintel Smart Solutions

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Work Smart with Mintel Smart Solutions

Mintel provides a perfect balance between the work setting, comfort of employees, work efficiency and energy consumption to the office during regular working hours. Our Smart office solutions offer bright lighting, HVAC, security, and alarm systems. Using our advanced automation system will positively impact offices' well-being.
mintel achieves high-quality results and provides a simple, safer, more luxurious, and more intelligent living experience that consistently meets its commitments to its clients who love life and chase high quality.