mintel Smart Hotel Automation System

mintel Smart Hotel Solutions provide a memorable stay for your guests by placing comfort, control, and security in their hands.

Experience the Essence of mintel Smart Hotels

Let the guests experience, the elegance and automation during their stay


  • Monitoring and controlling devices remotely.
  • Easy and simple check-in via Wechat or User App.
  • Comprehensive room's status information.
  • Various smart scenes: sleeping mode, welcome mode, all lights off mode, check-out mode etc.
  • Wireless room control system, easy to install, modify and maintain.
Experience the hospitality, comfort, and luxury


Our Smart Hotels solutions are designed to offer the advanced security & control of your establishment while providing ease and comfort to you guests.

Smart Hotel with mintel Technology

mintel provides more secure, energy-saving & comfortable smart hotel solutions for customers worldwide.

Building Automation for the Hospitality Industry

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Building Automation for the Hospitality Industry

The smart hotel is a cohesive conception that includes an automation system based on a classy set of sensors and controllers connected through network. Mintel brings an all-in-one solution that is beautifully designed for ease of users and to keep interference at a minimum.