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Smart LED Light

First choice for full house lighting, restore true colors
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Product Information Overview


The smart lighting system improves the sleep quality of family, whether it is an early day of energizing, or a more concentrated work and study, it can provide the most comfortable lighting experience. Smart lighting devices connect to MixPad S ,support APP, switch, panel and sensors five interactives. Scenes linkage, make lighting become simple.

Not only can be controlled individually, but also multiple downlights or spotlights can be divided into groups, and multiple lighting devices can be controlled with one button to achieve the linkage of lighting control throughout the house.

Integrated structure design, simple and generous, standardized screw port, embedded design, strong versatility, directly connected to the mains, easy to install and use.

Adopting industrial-grade zigbee communication protocol, with strong reliability and scalability, with its own routing function, suitable for a large number of lighting applications at home, more stable than WiFi, and more farther than Bluetooth.

Tech Specs

Model: DD10Z

Specifications: 2.5 inches, φ91*63mm, opening 70-80mm

Rated power: 5W

Rated input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz

Power factor: 0.5

Luminous flux: 350lm, RA90

Color temperature range: 2700-6500K

Brightness adjustment: 1%-100%

Optical requirements: SMD, 100° luminous angle

Other requirements: no flicker, anti-glare

Communication protocol: zigbee

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