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MixPad Mini Super Smart Panel

Full screen super smart panel
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Product Information Overview


Mixpad mini can control the lights, air conditioners, curtains and other home appliances in the room, making the wall more concise and beautiful, replace the complexity of traditional switches.

MixPad Mini is also a smart hub, integrating the functions of different devices: smart gateways, smart switches, air conditioning panels, background music panels, AI voice speakers, etc., which can replace multiple smart single

products. The operation is convenient, the interaction is excellent, and the intelligentization and automation of the home are truly realized, bringing a new home life experience. One panel can control multiple lights, turn

off all lights with one button, and no need to switch one by one.

It completely replaces all air conditioner panels and remote controls in the home, and supports all air conditioners to achieve precise control of on-off and temperature.

Tech Specs

Name: MixPad Mini

Main control: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A35 architecture processor

Storage: 2GB RAM+8GB ROM

Display: 4 inches, 480*480P resolution

Touch layer: multi-touch capacitive screen, AF hydrophobic anti-fouling anti-fingerprint coating

Speaker: AAC 1813 speaker

Microphone: screen brightness adapts to ambient light

Body material: V0 fireproof PC

Temperature sensor accuracy: ±1℃

Humidity sensor accuracy: ±5%

Power supply: 220V zero live wire power supply

Number of supported devices: 350 sets

Number of scenarios supported: unlimited

Support network standards: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, zigbee3.0

Zigbee networking: built-in gateway

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