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MixPad Genie

Smart Panel Funny Life
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Product Information Overview


The dynamic super screen that changes automatically every day, it collides with the wall color and panel color fiercely, refreshing your home every day.

A variety of communication protocols, which can be connected to a variety of home appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, TVs, clothes dryers, etc. Traditional home appliances become smart in seconds, and you can experience smart life.

Tech Specs

Product name: MixPad Genie

Appearance style: a variety of colors to choose from

Screen: 3.27 inches color high-definition touch screen

Functions: switch lights, home appliance control, temperature/date time display

Interactive mode: voice, touch screen, buttons, APP

Light control circuit: 3 loop

Mobile phone charging: support (Type-C)

Wireless protocol: Bluetooth Mesh, Wi-Fi, infrared

Power supply mode: zero live wire power supply, two-end socket power supply, data line power supply

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