Active Assisted living through Mintel Smart Solutions

August 24, 2022
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Active Assisted Living (AAL) uses smart automation solutions and services designed to assist older people and persons with disabilities to live independently and stay active in society. AL is also called

ambient intelligence systems that provide smartness into dwellings for comfort, healthcare, and security for old and disabled people. Mintel Smart solutions improve traditional security and safety tools by using intelligent monitoring and access control for older people.


A smart dwelling that assists citizens in living autonomously and comfortably with the help of technology is a smart home. In a smart home, all the devices are interconnected to form a network. This network can communicate with each other and help the user to create freedom. Ambient Assisted Living can actively change its environment to provide services that help an independent lifestyle for elderly users.


Active Assisted Aging provides a better quality of life by introducing automated appliances and assistive services. Users can control dwelling smart appliances and devices remotely by sitting in their comfortable place. For example, a user can turn on and off the light and unlocks the doors by installing smart solutions in their living places and simply control them by the gadget.


According to the World Health Organization, 650 million people live with disabilities worldwide. The most common causes of disability include chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, injuries due to road traffic accidents, HIV/AIDS, and other infectious diseases. It is not possible or logical to support all of these patients in medical centers, so for an uncertain time, AAL helps provide health care services to patients in home environments.


Memory loss is a common problem among elderly individuals. Therefore Active Assisted Aging helps by reminders that can be essential in supporting their everyday lives. Mintel smart automation system assists older adults in scheduling that notifies them of daily schedules such as taking medicine, locking doors/windows, and turning off the gas before bed. It also facilitates other daily schedules such as sending e-mail messages, calling home, and visiting the pension office.


Patients suffering from other diseases can get benefit from active-assisted Mintel smart solutions. Smart monitoring cameras can be employed for smart healthcare support. Smart automation technology applies to hospitals and nursing homes. Smart homes can offer services to healthy inhabitants as well. They can monitor a resident's wellness and generate warnings if any abnormal vital sign is detected.


However, Mintel smart automation solutions provide security, control, and ease and assist older adults with a comfortable environment. As various smart technologies continue to develop and integrate into smart living spaces, it is important to understand older adults' mental and emotional aspects and make the smart environment a more comfortable place for them.


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